We're Looking For Men and Women Who are Ready To Take Their New Years Resolution To ANOTHER LEVEL
IF you're someone who lacks support, accountability, and know-how, we’re here to be your guide through these next 90 days of transformation. Grab your significant other, roommate, sibling, best friend or f*ck buddy and let's crush 2019.
Are you...
  •  Looking to start the new year off right? (For real this time)
  •  Lacking accountability, and support to reach your goals?
  •  Looking for a community to help support, and pick you up?
  •  Consistently losing weight, regaining, losing, and regaining – “yo-yo dieting”, and can’t seem to find any sustainable balance?
  •  Looking for a fun, and simple program for you, and a partner to do together?
  •  Can’t figure out how much food you should be eating, calculating your macros when to make adjustments, or what types of foods you should choose?
  •  Struggling to stay on track with gaining muscle, losing body fat, or both?
  •  Are you tired of not having people in your life with similar goals and ambitions?
  •  Ready to start actually feeling yourself, and to show up for your partner, friends, or job in a whole new way?
  •  Struggling to learn how to enjoy social settings with your spouse, family, friends without feeling guilty, and falling off track?
  •  Are you ready to start having really great sex, and impress the F out of your partner? 
  • “If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, click below to apply for a 1-1 call with Jordan or Erin to see if this program is right for you!”
Why we created the Transform 
2Gether program…
We’re Erin and Jordan… boyfriend/girlfriend, business partners, dog co-parents, podcast co-hosts, workout partners and best friends.
We have worked with thousands of clients over the last several years and the number one issue that impedes success is not having the right support.
We created the Transform 2gether program as a way for you AND your partner to be on the same page with your fitness goals.
In our experience, having one another to hold each other accountable with our diets and train together not only has helped us meet our fitness goals, but it’s also improved our relationship.
See.........When you take care of yourself you’re able to show up in the best way possible (mentally, physically and emotionally) for your partner.
Not only will you be in this with your partner but you’ll have 3 coaches to give you the blueprint to success and the entire community of individuals who are also involved in the 90-Day Transform 2gether program.

By starting this program you’re making a commitment to yourself, to us, to your partner and to DOZENS of other individuals who will be on this journey with you.

Can’t find a partner? No worries, apply today and we’ll put you around the right support system to carry you through these next 90 days!

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4 keys to a successful transformation:

Nutrition & Supplementation: We’re going to build a nutrition plan 100% customized to your metabolism, goals, and history.

a.  Guide to tracking macros, how to structure your meals, and example food lists.
b.  Supplementation protocol tailored to your goals.
c.  Meal Planning Guide.
d.  Approved macros/ shopping lists.
e.  Transform 2Gether App integrated with your My Fitness Pal to track food logs.

Training: Access to the Transform 2Gether Mobile Training App

a. 100% customized training program tailored to your goals, schedule, experience level, and access to a gym.
b. Video instruction for each exercise.
c. Detailed explanations including sets/ reps/ tempo/ and intensity techniques.

Accountability & Support: You will have coaching from Erin, Jordan, as well as a dedicated assistant coach - all there to support, and hold you accountable.

a. Facetime Calls Weekly.
b. 24/7 access to coaches.
c. Weekly check-ins assessing progression, mentality growth, obstacles, and adjustments based on your response.

Community: Private Facebook Group with the Transform 2gether team.

a. Informative Facebook Live Teachings from Coaches.
b. We’re going to help you form a “tribe” of like-minded, goal driven badasses to help you stay on track.
c. 24/7 access to 5 dedicated coaches to answer questions, and give feedback/ support.
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From Other Members Of The Transform 2Gether Program:
"I can confidently say that I have the strongest body that I've ever had in my entire life..."
"This process will work, but it only works if you're honest with yourself and with Erin..."
"I am beyond belief with what he has helped me do..."
"I thought it was exactly what I needed to kickstart a change in myself..." 
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